15 October 2013: Non-provisional patent application to USPTO for a Steering Unit for a Rotary Steerable Tool

About Us

Shield OilTech is a start-up company seeking licensing of its IP and partnerships primarily within the oilfield services industry. 

It is a SARL (equivalent to a UK or US private company limited by shares) registered in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. 

Shield OilTech has its office in Daillens, Vaud, Switzerland. 

Founder Bertrand Lacour is a Schlumberger alumni and inherited his experience, the passion for knowledge and technical innovation to improve customer performance, from his former employer. 

Our activities are focused on offering oilfield services companies both: 

  • Partnership: select partnerships with oilfield services companies, NOCs or IOCs for oilfield tools - design from conceptual ideas, feasibility studies, development prototypes, commercialization, product replacement and obsolescence
  • Licensing: sale of grant licenses from Shield OilTech's IP to produce novel tools from proven prototypes and demonstrators.

As a start-up, our company is heavily innovation oriented and will strive to invent down to earth oilfield tools from its proprietary concepts solving technical challenges. 

Ethics, Technology, People, Profits and Community are the values at the cornerstones of our activities.