15 October 2013: Non-provisional patent application to USPTO for a Steering Unit for a Rotary Steerable Tool

Bertrand Lacour

Bertrand Lacour is the founder and General Manager of Shield OilTech. 

After 11 years of working for Schlumberger (the world's leading oilfield services company) in research & development, founder Bertrand Lacour has decided to set up a start-up company to apply his knowledge, experience and creativity in an independent, smaller, flexible and reactive structure. 

This decision was motivated by the desire to embark on an adventure that will see innovation and technology benefit the oilfield services industry and contribute, modestly at its level, to its quest to sustain the growing need for energy in the world. 

On a personal side, drilling runs deep in Bertrands'family as great grandfather and grandfather were independent water well drillers in France employing at the time technology very similar to oil well drilling. 

It is therefore a return back to the sources of a family history of drilling delivering consulting to the oilfield services industry and this time . 

Shield OilTech was thus born in 2011.