15 October 2013: Non-provisional patent application to USPTO for a Steering Unit for a Rotary Steerable Tool


2011-12 Shield OilTech SARL (Daillens, Switzerland) – General Manager and Founder

Founded a start-up company in the oilfield services industry focusing on providing quality services to the larger and established oilfield companies, i.e. consulting on design from concept to obsolescence & licensing IP with an emphasis on novel ideas and technologies. 

2009-10 Schlumberger (Stonehouse, UK) - Mechanical Product Manager 

Mechanical engineering and managing a mechanical team (10 direct reports) to produce an innovative High Pressure High Temperature Rotary Steerable System. Took the project from concept to Feasibility to the doorstep of Development after highly successful field trials.

2008 Schlumberger (Stonehouse, UK) - Product Manager

Managed a multidisciplinary team (5 direct reports) to produce a new Rotary Steerable System for the growing Russian sidetracking market. Took project from Funded to the doorstep of Development. 

2006-07 Schlumberger (Cambridge, UK and Stonehouse, UK) - Senior Mechanical Engineer II
Mechanical research/engineering/design/testing on a confidential Drilling Program. 

2004-05 Schlumberger (Princeton Junction, NJ, USA) - Senior Lead Mechanical Engineer

Managed and mentored a pool of CAD designers (4) and Mechanical engineer (1). 

Mechanical design for X-Ray tools (sourceless nuclear developments) on 3 distinct projects in collaboration with other product centers. Prototypes currently in Field Trials. 

Manufacturing Sustaining and Rapid Response Projects on commercial products.  

2002-03 Schlumberger (Princeton Junction, NJ, USA) - Senior Mechanical Engineer

Reservoir Saturation Tool Plus: Designed full mechanics, harnesses, cables and packaging for electronics, Pulse Neutron Generator and gamma ray detectors.  

Universal Perforating Correlation Tool: Successfully designed, qualified, field tested, commercialized extremely rugged mechanics, gamma ray detector, casing collar locator and electronics for the extreme perforating environment. Improved reliability over previous by 10 fold. Hundreds of units in the field since 06/2004. Performed by Schlumberger Bronze Award.  

Wireline Perforating Gamma Ray Tool: Designed rugged mechanics, qualified tool for the perforating environment and tool string compatibility. Successfully field tested, commercialized in 2004. Tens of units units in the field. 

2000-01 Renault V.I./Mack Trucks Corp (Lyon, France) - Project Engineer and Manager

Engineer: air disk brake programs on long haul trucks (Magnum and Premium): design, verification and validation of the disk brake function in vehicle environment; significantly reduced cost on the disk brake function along with quality and performance increases. 

Manager: "Carbon Retarder on Propeller Shaft" research project (study, design and integrate a new generation retarder with water cooled carbon rotors on long haul trucks) and "18 tons Midlum truck" project (new full air disc braking system). 

1998-99 Schlumberger (Sugar Land, Tx, USA) - Design engineer

Designed and determined the feasibility of a new downhole 1.75" diameter SlimPulse mud pulser going from a 0.5Hz modulation to 12Hz. Proposed/successfully tested the new mechanical design. Positively impacted field test of 0.5Hz mud pulser through design of surface system test device: hundreds of units in the field around the world. 

1997 Schlumberger (Clamart, France) - Design Engineer Intern

Comparison study of the mechanical behavior of Schlumberger's MEDS and competitors' dipmeters in a computer simulated oil well. 

1993-98 Various internships/summer jobs

Thomson-Radars (Elancourt, France), Volvo Car Corporation (Göteborg, Sweden), Motorola & Alcatel Espace (Toulouse, France)