15 October 2013: Non-provisional patent application to USPTO for a Steering Unit for a Rotary Steerable Tool

Our Values

At Shield OilTech, we believe that the following corporate values will enable us to build our start-up on solid grounds and ensure a bright future for ourselves: 

  • Ethics - Integrity and dedication to the quality of our products and services is the prerequisite for doing any business, gain and retain our trusting customers. 
  • Technology - The company is dedicated to researching and applying the latest technologies for the benefit of the oilfield industry. We aim to deliver superior quality technology and products that give an edge to our customers and ensure our development. 
  • People - People are the company's primary asset and its vector of continued innovation. Gender and cultural diversity drives our creativity. We believe that fair treatment of employees directly results in successes and in customer satisfaction. 
  • Profits - Positive operating income enables us to grow our business and reinvest in the deployment of new technologies. 
  • Community - We believe that we must share our success with the community that hosts our company and makes it successful. 

These values will be applied to the development of our company and enable us to establish and retain our competitive edge.