15 October 2013: Non-provisional patent application to USPTO for a Steering Unit for a Rotary Steerable Tool


As a start-up possessing advanced knowledge and knowhow in the oilfield industry, Shield OilTech intends to develop novel technology and prove the feasibility of a certain number of proprietary ideas through concept and feasibility studies and demonstration with prototype. 

These ideas will be applied to: 

  • Drilling: rotary steerable and drilling dynamics enhancing tools
  • Measurement and Logging While Drilling tools
  • Formation evaluation: open and cased hole wireline tools. 

The concepts that will be studied will be detailed here once appropriate IP protection has been obtained. 

Once the prototype tools have been proven and tested, the products will be offered for commercialization to oilfield services companies, NOCs and IOCs under a grant license agreement or other types of partnership.